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Blood Donor Registry

India’s blood requirement is about six million units per year. Blood banks are able to collect only about three million units per year. Patients actually die because the right kind of blood does not reach them in time. The heavy shortfall in supply encourages racketeering (unethical institutions/people sell blood that is not properly tested) in blood and blood products. It also encourages blood donation for money, encouraging ‘professional’ donor ship. Professional donors come from weaker sections of the society and are rarely in ideal health for blood donation and do it only for commercial reasons. The risk of infection is also high in blood collected from professional donors.

It is believed that if 2% of India’s population donates blood once a year, the blood requirement of the country can be easily met. Web Health Centre has created the bloodline service as a forum to encourage voluntary blood donation. This service also hopes to encourage direct interaction between patients, donors and blood banks. Web Health Centre in alliance with www.indianblooddonors.com hopes to fight these trends. You can help too. Indian blood donors is a web based helpline for patients who need blood all over India. It is an online network through which patients can get in touch with donors directly. You can enroll yourself as a Voluntary Blood Donor. You can also request for blood in emergencies.

We invite Donors, Patients and Blood banks to make use of this space to acquire more information about each other and also to make use of the services provided specially for each group. The needy will contact you during an emergency. This helpline also hopes to bring succor to patients with blood disorders like Thalassaemia and Leukemia.

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