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Indian Standards of Drinking Water

The Bureau of Indian Standards has defined the level of solvents for safety purposes. The table below gives the common solvents in water and the permitted levels.

Substance/ Test Unit Desirable Limit Maximum Permissible Limit*
Physical Turbidity NTU 5 10
Chemical pH Number 6.5-8.5 No relaxation
Hardness As( CaCo)mg/l 300 600
Chloride (asCl)mg/l 250 1000
Iron (as Fe)mg/l 0.3 1.0
Nitrate (as No)mg/l 45 No relaxation
Fluoride (as F) mg/l 1.0 1.5
Residual Chlorine Mg/l 0.2-0.5 No relaxation
Arsenic (as A)mg/l 0.05 No relaxation
Bacteriological Coliforms MPN/100ml 10** No relaxation
E Coli MPN/100ml 0 No relaxation

* When there is no alternative source for drinking.

** Colitone organisms should not be detectable in 100ml of any two consecutive samples.

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