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Alcoholism: a Disease, but Treatable

Earlier, people believed that alcoholism was the symptom of some other mental disorder. After extensive research, it has now been established that alcoholism is a disease in itself - a Disease that can be controlled by medical and psychological treatment.

Alternatives such as change of job, marriage, etc will not help you to recover, if you are an alcoholic. Unless treated so that you totally stop drinking, your condition will get worse day by day.

  • It is a primary disease.
  • It is a progressive disease.

      If you are alcohol dependent, your condition goes from bad to worse. Sometimes there may be periods when you may feel there is improvement. But drinking over a length of time will only lead to deterioration. Drinking excessively leads to cirrhosis and pancreatitis, and even to death.

  • It is a treatable disease.

      This is the good news. You can get help and kick the habit. Treatment that will aid the alcoholic to stop drinking without experiencing severe withdrawal problems is available in India. But you have to get one thing straight: If you have a problem with alcohol, stay away from it. Drinking even a small quantity of alcohol after years of abstinence will lead you back to obsessive drinking. Alcoholism is a permanent condition. Only total abstinence will help in arresting the disease.


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