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Getting Help

Treatment for substance abuse is available. The TT Ranganathan Clinic is one of the premier treatment centres in India. Another source of help that is available in all cities and big towns is Alcoholics Anonymous. This is a group formed by people who have or had a problem with drinking.

What the AA does:

  1. The group meets regularly. Members sit in a circle.
  2. Meetings begin with the serenity prayer:

    God grant us the serenity
    To accept things we cannot change
    Courage to change the things we can
    And wisdom to know the difference

  3. The twelve steps and twelve traditions of AA are read out.
  4. One member, who is conducting the meeting, requests a couple of members to speak.
  5. The members introduce themselves by first name only. They talk about their experience with alcohol. Or they may talk about some other problem that is worrying them.
  6. While someone is speaking no one interrupts. Whatever is said is absolutely confidential.
  7. No one gives advice. But if a fellow member has had a similar problem, he speaks of his experience and how he coped with it. This automatically serves as a guideline.
  8. At the end of the meeting a bag is passed around and everyone puts in a few rupees that goes towards refreshments and the rent of the space. Contributions are voluntary.
  9. The meeting closes with the serenity prayer.

The Benefits of AA Meetings

You are among people who have or had problems and experiences similar to yours. The fact that many have won the battle over the bottle, shows you that life without liquor is possible. And perhaps even enjoyable.

Sharing: When we speak aloud about our own experiences or problems, we begin to look facts in the face. Speaking aloud also has a therapeutic effect in that it helps us get a better understanding of the problem.

Listening: This is as important as sharing. You hear about a problem just like yours from another source, with detachment. This helps you judge the problem without bias. This provides you with an insight into a common predicament.


  • Alcoholics Anonymous does not provide jobs or financial assistance nor does it collect fees.
  • Alcoholics Anonymous operates in all cities and big towns in India. You could get in touch with the organisation at:

    Alcoholics Anonymous,
    Bombay Inter group,
    P O 6220 Mazgaon,
    Mumbai-400 010

    Alcoholics Anonymous,
    Madras Inter group,
    P O 369,
    Madras-600 004


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