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Vidya Sagar

Vidya Sagar reaches out to children and young adults with multiple disability. The specific need in India, is one of creating awareness, and disseminating information about how to work around disabilities to make all children and young adults lead fulfilling lives and become effective, contributing members in society.

Every programme at Vidya Sagar is a constantly evolving model. The school believes that there is no tailor-made solution to handling children with disabilities. The constant learning experience becomes a significant input into fine-tuning the programme to the varying requirements of the beneficiaries.

Yet another core belief at the centre is that of adopting a holistic approach to the child’s development. It looks at the person, and not the disability. The staff work around the strengths, rather than underplaying the weaknesses. They believe in building the child’s confidence and self-worth, and leading her to make her own choices.

A range of high quality and comprehensive services for the child with neurological impairment is the main focus of the centre’s work.

Vidya Sagar focuses on:

  • Persons with cerebral palsy, no matter how profoundly affected, and other disabilities, where facilities are inaccessible
  • Their families and the communities they live in
  • Demystification, Independence and Social Inclusion

We work towards developing the maximum potential of every child, helping him to become as independent as possible, in activities in daily living to economic independence.

Vidya Sagar has developed several programmes with the above perspectives in mind. Its models have been based on the principles of community-based rehabilitation. It hopes to initiate several more programmes in semi-urban and rural areas. It is important that the community generates resources for such services.

Vidya Sagar has the following programmes:

  • Centre for Special Education: Day school for Children with Special needs.
  • Home Management: Innovative programme for the family of the child with disability.
  • Community-based Rehabilitation: Technical Partnerships at far-flung areas of the state.
  • Employment & Living Skills Unit: Programme for rehabilitation of young adults with disability.
  • Teacher Training: Training programmes for special educators and caregivers.
  • Advisory & Referral Clinic: Entry-point for infants, children & young adults with special needs.

    For further information contact:
    Vidya Sagar,
    1, Ranjit Road,
    Chennai - 600 085

    Contact E-mail Address:

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