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You Can Help

If you are a friend or a neighbour or a relative of a family with a spastic child you can do a lot to help.

  • Just Listening: The family needs some one to talk to, to air its doubts and worries. Just listening helps.

  • Baby sitting: The parents of the child seem to be visiting doctors, physiotherapists, and other paramedicals endlessly. They seem to have very little time for themselves. If you are confident of handling the child, you can offer to look after the child when you can spare the time.

  • Invite the child home: Because of their motor problems the spastic children do not visit much. However, they are very curious about other children, their houses and toys. When you invite them home they feel more socially accepted.

  • Pay Attention: When you meet the spastic child on the street do not feel embarrassed or avoid eye contact. Speak or address the child as you would any other normal kid.

  • In case of speech disorder: Do not pretend you heard the child and nod vaguely, if you do not understand the speech. Ask the child to repeat and listen more carefully. If you still cannot understand, ask the parent to explain what the child said and answer the child.

Most families with a handicapped child could use physical help as with running errands and supervising the child. However you should not let the family play on your sympathy and misuse your good intentions.

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