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Hearing Impairment


  1. If you have ear infection, have it treated early.

  2. Be aware of the medication you take. There are medicines which are “ Ototoxic”. These cause hearing impairment in some individuals. Be alert when you are prescribed these drugs.

  3. If there is a family history of hearing impairment, consult your doctor about the possibility of your child being affected. Be prepared to take the child for early screening when you suspect abnormality.

  4. Wear ear muffs when you are being exposed to very noisy environment. People who work in noisy industries and musicians/technicians who work in high output concert halls should take precautions.

  5. When your infant’s responses to sound is unusual or if your child’s speech is delayed, go for an evaluation with a paediatrician/ ENT specialist. Your child still might be normal. But there is a chance that if there is some problem with its hearing you might give it the best chance to overcome it.

  6. When you suspect hearing loss, go to an ENT specialist and have an audiometric evaluation and then, on their advice, approach hearing aid vendors. Do not choose to buy hearing aids just by looking at manuals or in consultation with vendors.

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