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Gall Stones

Ultra sound scans are suggested for abdominal pain, especially in master health checkups. This has thrown a lot of light on gall bladder stones about which the patients hitherto were blissfully unaware. When the medical report confirms the presence of gall stones, the patients are perturbed. And naturally so. They have a lot of queries. They often question the doctors about the nature of the disease and the need for surgery for removal of gall stones. Most of the patients are very knowledgeable and they debate with the surgeon even about the method adopted for the removal of the stones. I have taken up this problem in the surgeon’s corner this month.

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Know some basic facts about Gall Stones, associated problems and treatment procedures.

For Doctors

This section is primarily for doctors and it gives a historical perspective of Laparoscopic surgery and the recent advances. It has a brief write-up on Mirizzi's syndrome.

A quiz for medical students

Enter the brainstorming session on the topic "What is the treatment for asymptomatic gall stones in the young?"

Diagnose and comment on the X-Ray picture.

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