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Improving Your Chances of Conception

If there are no problems in your or your partner’s reproductive system and you are a woman within the age range 21 to 30, there are some simple steps you can take to enhance your chances of getting pregnant and increasing foetal health.

  • Be aware of your menstrual cycle. It would be easy if you are able to detect the time of your ovulation

  • Time intercourse around the fertile period

  • If your cycles are irregular then the fertile days may change and it may be appropriate to check with a gynaecologist

  • Stop contraception two month before the time you hope to get pregnant.

  • Stop smoking and refrain from alcohol consumption. ( Even passive smoking is better avoided)

  • Consult your doctor about prenatal vitamins. It is advisable that you take prenatal folic acid . It helps prevent neural tube defects in the foetus

  • Carry on your daily routine but avoid excessive strain.

  • Do not take medication that has not been prescribed around this time.If you are in the later half of your menstrual cycle always inform the doctor that there is a possibility of pregnancy if medications are prescribed.

  • Devices/practices to choose the sex of your baby are all unproven. These are better avoided.

  • Enjoy sex. Remain in bed for ten minutes after intercourse.

  • Avoid douching or vaginal cleaning after intercourse.

  • A little spotting may be observed during the cycle conception occurs.

  • Be careful about going in for x rays around the time you time you think you may have conceived.

  • If you think you have missed a period visit your gynaecologist.


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