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Puberty FAQ

What’s Happening to Me?

Puberty happens to everyone, so don’t be alarmed when your body starts to change. Here’s a little quiz to help you understand what’s happening!

Is puberty the same thing as getting my period?

You get your period for the first time when your body is going through a stage called puberty. During this stage, your body will also go through a number of other changes.

My friend got her period when she was ten. I’m eleven but it hasn’t come yet. Is there something wrong with me?

No, there’s nothing wrong with you! You can get your period anytime between 9 and 14 years of age. You are most likely to get yours at about the same age that your mom got hers.

One of my breasts looks as if it is bigger than the other. I’m really worried about this, but I feel shy about asking my mom.

Don’t be worried, because this happens very often to girls your age. There’s nothing wrong with you. By the time you are 18 and your body has finished growing, your breasts would have evened out and will both look the same.

My brother is 13 and I am 12, but I am four inches taller than he is. He says I’m going to be a giant.

Your brother is just teasing you! In a year or so he will enter his "growth spurt" which is a time when he will grow very fast and probably become taller than you. Because you are a girl you have gone through your "growth spurt" earlier. Look around you, and you’ll see that you’re probably taller than a lot of boys your age. Don’t be alarmed, they’ll catch up!

Recently I’ve been noticing more hair on my arms, legs and underarms. It doesn’t look nice and I want to remove it.

Getting more hair in these places and also in the pubic area is natural when you are going through puberty. If it bothers you, you can wax it, use hair-removing creams, or ask your mother what she thinks is the best and easiest for you to do.

I started getting my period last month and I stained my clothes badly even though I wore a sanitary pad. It was very embarrassing. What should I do?

Even if your flow isn’t heavy, you must change your sanitary pad every four to five hours for the sake of hygiene. If you change your pad regularly and wear protective panties until you get used to it, you won’t stain your clothes. It will take you a few months to get used to this new body process, meanwhile try not to wear light coloured skirts or trousers while you have your period.

For the last few months I’ve been sweating a lot and I don’t like the way I smell a few hours after my bath. Am I old enough to use a deodorant spray?

Yes, you can use a deodorant spray, but make sure that you don’t use it as a substitute for bathing or having a wash! A deodorant works best when you use it just after having a thorough bath.

I had such a clear skin but now it’s full of pimples. I just don’t know what to do.

Getting pimples is natural during puberty, and if you look around you’ll see that many other boys and girls have them too. To make sure they don’t get worse and don’t leave scars on your face, avoid touching or squeezing them. And wash your face thoroughly every time you come back home. Keeping your face clean helps pimples to clear up quicker. If your pimples get really bad, ask your parents to take you to a skin specialist.

There’s a lot of white stuff coming out in my panties. I’m a bit worried about it.

White discharge from your vagina is natural during puberty and later as well. It happens because of the changes in your reproductive system at this time. Make sure you change your underwear twice a day and you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

Everyone says I eat all the time and I hate it when they make fun of me. But I feel so hungry these days, I can’t help it.

Like they say, you’re a growing girl! You need that extra food because your body is growing at a very rapid rate. Once your growth spurt is over your appetite will come back to normal! As long as you are not very overweight already you don’t have to worry. If you are, then you need some advice from a doctor or dietician on the right kinds of things to eat.

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