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Recent Advancements

  • Laser
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    What is Cosmetic Laser Surgery? It implies that a desirable change in appearance is accomplished by laser alteration of macroscopic or microscopic structures of the skin. Cosmetic laser surgical procedures range from those similar to standard surgical techniques to those taking place at progressively more specific levels. The whole skin organ level surgical techniques are exemplified by procedures such as resurfacing, recontouring and incisional surgery.

    Some relative indication for cosmetic laser treatment are Full-Face Laser Abrasion, Wrinkle Resurfacing, Keloids, Xanthelasma, Nevi, Tattoos and Hemangioma.


    Fat injections can be used for facial recontouring, body contouring, and for the breasts and hands. Fat can be harvested from the patient and excess fat kept in the freezer for future injection.

    In recent years, scars and wrinkles and other soft tissue defects have been successfully treated with injectable collagen preparation. Collagen from bovine and porcine sources have achieved the most widespread use.

    Conditions such as nasolabial furrows, perioral lines, secondary cheek wrinkles, crow's feet, undulating scars and transverse forehead lines can be cured using collagen.

    Autologous collagen is a recent technique where the harvesting and injecting of collagen are from the same person, so allergy is not an issue.

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