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Types of Cosmetology

A distinction must be made within the field of Cosmetology: there is Decorative and Protective Cosmetology on the one hand and Remedial Cosmetology (also called Active Cosmetology) on the other.

Decorative or Protective Cosmetology

This field involves the use of cosmetic products to embellish either by modifying the appearance, odour or feel or by protecting from sun rays and live agents.
Examples are the following:

Appearance Use of Hair Dye, Lipstick, Nail Polish and others
Odour Use of Perfumes
Sun Rays   Use of Sunscreens and Filters
Live Agents Use of Antiseptics and Anti-parasite solutions

Decorative or Protective cosmetics undoubtedly have a physiological effect, but this can be considered insignificant. Once proved free of all toxicity, such cosmetics will not be classed as medicines.

Remedial Cosmetology

This field includes the use of specific products, which are targeted at particular layers of the skin or the skin components.

Examples include:

  • Lipidic Layer (antiseborrhoeic products)
  • Stratum Corneum (moisturising products)
  • Melanocytes (pigmatogenic products)
  • Dermis (cutaneous vessels) (antirosacea products)
  • Epidermis and Dermis (antisenescence products)
  • Hypodermis (slimming products)


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