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Types of teeth

Types of teeth

There are two types of dentition.

Milk Teeth

In the early years, a child has 20 primary teeth. 8 Incisors, 4 Canines and 8 Molars. These are also called milk teeth.

Children lose their milk teeth between the ages of 6 and 11, and their permanent or secondary teeth appear as the primary teeth are shed.

Permanent Teeth

An adult has 32 permanent teeth: 8 Incisors, 4 Canines, 8 Premolars, 12 Molars. The last 4 molars are commonly known as wisdom teeth as they appear much later during the teens or even adult years.


Incisors cut food into small particles.


Canine tear food and are pointed and sharp.


Premolars crush food particles.


Molars grind food for better digestion.


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