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What to look for in an Indian gym

If you do have a choice, look for the following features in a gym.


  • A clean environment
  • Good lighting and ventilation
  • Air conditioning is not advisable
  • Changing and showering rooms


  • A qualified trainer, who can give you individual attention

  • Support staff to supervise machinery

  • A qualified dietician should be present or available on call

  • A doctor must be available on call, in case of an emergency or injury

Machinery that should be available

  • Monitoring devices to check Target Heart Rate and Body Fat Ratio

  • Emergency medical kit

  • Equipment for exercising all areas of the body namely the upper arm, upper back, chest, mid section, hips, waist and thighs

  • The equipment in the gym should be serviced every week

  • The following equipment are usually found in Indian gyms:

    For Aerobics:

    • Cycle
    • Rowing machine
    • Stepper
    • Treadmill

    For Strength Training:

    • Lat Pull
    • Peck Deck
    • Bench Press
    • Leg extension and Curl
    • Leg Press
    • Multi Hip
    • Fore Arm Machine
    • Calf Machine
    • Inner Thigh and Centre thigh Machines
    • Free weights like Dumbbells and Barbells


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