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Householders Policy

Salient feature

Personal effects and household goods belonging to individual householders can be covered under this Insurance. It covers under single policy a number of risks.

Scope of Cover

Section I: Fire & Allied Perils

  1. Building

  2. Contents

This covers loss of or damage to the building/contents by fire & allied perils, such as riot, strike, lightning, explosion, flood, cyclone, inundation earth quake etc. (for further details please contact nearest office)

Rate of Premium: Rs. 0.50 per mille.

Section II : Burglary & Housebreaking including larceny and theft

This covers all contents in the premises against the above risks. The Sum Insured on contents under this section as well as Section I will be the same.

Rate of Premium: Rs. 2.40 per mille.

Section III: All Risks

This covers loss or damage to jewellery & valuables caused by accident whilst anywhere in India. Recent invoice/receipt or valuation Certificate should be obtained for items valued at more than Rs.5000/- each.

Rate of Premium: Rs.10.05 per mille.

Section IV: Plate Glass

This covers loss of or damage to fixed plate glass in the insured premises by accidental breakage.

Rate of Premium: Rs. 10.05 per mille.

Section V: Breakdown of domestic appliances

This Section Covers Loss or damage to domestic appliances caused by mechanical and/or electrical breakdown. Sum Insured in respect of each item should be its new replacement value.

Excess : One percent of the Sum Insured in respect of each domestic appliance separately or Rs.50/- whichever is higher.

Rate of premium : Rs.2.50 per mille.

Section VI: Television Sets & VCR/VCP

This covers:

  1. loss of or damage to the television apparatus and VCR/VCP in insured premises by fire and allied perils, burglary and/or housebreaking Or theft, accidental external means and mechanical or electrical breakdown.

  2. Legal liability up to a limit of Rs.25,000/-

  3. Damage to Insured's property caused by breakage of the antenna fittings up to a limit of Rs.3,000/-.

Rate of Premium: Rs.10.05 per mille.

Section VII: Pedal cycle

This covers:

  1. loss of or damage to pedal cycle belonging to Insured by Fire and allied perils, burglary, housebreaking or theft and accidental external means.

  2. Legal liability upto a limit of Rs.10,000/-

Rate of premium: Rs.20.05 per mille.

Franchise: Rs.10/- of each and every loss due to accident, i.e. if the loss or damage exceeds Rs.10/- the full claim is payable.

Section VIII: Baggage

This covers loss or damage to Insured?s accompanied baggage by accident or misfortune whilst the Insured is on tour or holiday anywhere in India.

Rate of Premium: Rs.7.55 per mille.

Section IX: Personal Accident

The Insured, his spouse and his children, all between the age of 5 and 70 years can be covered under this section.

The insurance covers death, permanent total disablement, permanent partial disablement and Temporary total disablement.

Additional Benefits:

  1. Expenses incurred for carriage of dead body of Insured (death due to accident only) to place of residence subject to a maximum of 2% of Capital Sum Insured of Rs.1,000/- whichever is lower.

  2. Medical expenses arising out of an accident up to 10% of Capital Sum Insured or 40% of the admissible claim whichever is lower against an additional Premium of 20% of basic Premium.

Rate of premium: Ranging from Rs. 0.40 to Rs.3.00 per mille (for details Please refer Policy literature for our Personal Accident Policy).

Section X: Public Liability

  1. The Insured is indemnified in respect of legal liability up to a limit of Rs.25,000/-

  2. The Insured is indemnified against the compensation to his employees that he becomes legally liable to pay under the Workmen?s Compensation Act 1923, Fatal Accidents Act, 1855 or at Common Law in respect of death of or bodily injury to such employees arising out of and in the course of employment.

Rate of Premium: Public liability - 0.50 per mille.

Workmen's compensation - as per Workmen Compensation tariff.


The minimum premium for Section I is Rs.10/- and for other Sections Rs.5/- each.

Section I-b is compulsory and out of the remaining nine sections, any two should be opted for as minimum requirement.

Group Discount

Where more than 4 and up to 6 sections (including tariff Rated sections) are availed. 15% of non-tariff premium only.
Where more than 6 sections (including tariff rated sections) are availed. 20% on non-tariff premium only.

(Section I and Section X are the tariff sections)

5% Service Tax shall be charged on final premium.


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