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Jan Arogya Bima Policy

What is insured?

Hospitalisation or domiciliary hospitalisation expenses incurred on medical or surgical treatment for any illness or disease (contracted after 30 days from the commencement of the policy) or injury.

Who can be insured?

Any person in the age group of three months to 70 years.

What risks are insured?

Sudden illnesses like heart attack, jaundice, pneumonia, appendicitis, paralytic attack, food poisoning or accidents that require hospitalisation or domiciliary hospitalisation.

What will the policy pay and how much?

Reimbursement of hospitalisation or domiciliary hospitalisation expenses incurred by an insured person for treatment of illness, disease or injury as an inpatient in a nursing home. The limit of liability under the policy per year per person is Rs.5,000.

When will the policy not pay?

Broadly, the policy will not pay claims under the following circumstances:

1. Any disease contracted within 30 days from commencement of the policy.

2. Injury or a disease caused by war or nuclear perils.

3. Circumcision.

4. Routine eye examination.

5. Dental treatments or surgery of any kind, unless hospitalisation is required.

6. Convalescence, general disability or a run down condition or rest cure etc.

7. Expenses on vitamins and tonics.

8. Treatments arising from or traceable to pregnancy or child birth including the caesarian section.


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