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A Balancing Act
Patient-specific in Ayurveda

You and your friend can report at an ayurvedic physician’s clinic with a headache. Each will come out with a different prescription. This is because your constitution (the way vatha, pitha and kapha are balanced) is different from your friend’s. Ayurveda states that because of the differing constitutions, the cause and corrective measures should be different for different individuals.

Based on the same theory, the susceptibilities and precautions of each constitutional type are given below.

Dosha Susceptible to Precautions advised
Vatha Joint pain, rigidity in the joints, tremors. Indigestion, constipation, loss of sensory functions, debility, etc. Avoid cold drinks, avoid staying in cold atmosphere for prolonged periods, avoid excess intake of tubers and dry foods.
Pitha Digestive disorders, stomach and mouth ulcers, liver and intestine problems, excessive thirst, burning sensations and loss of sleep. Avoid excess exposure to sun, avoid excessive intake of pungent and oily foods, abstain from smoking and consuming alcohol.
Kapha Colds, cough, breathing problems, skin discharges, excessive congestion, indigestion (low agni), salivation, lassitude, obesity. Avoid excessive intake of cold, heavy, and sweet food. Avoid prolonged exposure to cold atmosphere. Avoid excessive exercises like swimming etc.
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