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Some Popular Ayurvedic Drugs

There are many ayurvedic drugs available in drugstores across the country. The following list gives a brief idea about a few of them. These do not correspond to any drug manufactured by any particular company. You should seek professional medical advice before using any of the medicines mentioned here.


This is a herbal jelly with about 52 ingredients. Some versions even have a dash of gold and silver. Taken as a supplement for general health and to strengthen the respiratory system. Enhances immunity and body metabolism. Is considered useful in stress relief.

Talisadi Churna

A powder made from half a dozen organic materials. Prescribed for colds, coughs, bronchitis and anti-kapha complaints.


A medicine made from dry ginger, pepper and long pepper aids digestion and regularises appetite.

Vallarai Compounds

Improves memory.


A Neuro-Muscular tonic.

Triphala Churna

Haritaki, amlaki and bibhitaki, make up this recipe for a colon tonic. Has laxative properties.

Bhringraj Taila

A combination of Bhringraj juice and Sesame Oil is used as a hair and scalp conditioner.

Brahmi Taila

Gotu Kola and other herbs in coconut oil base. Used as a brain tonic. It is effective in insomnia and hair loss complaints.

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