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The Reiki view of Pain and Healing

What causes Pain?

Apart from the physical body, which is visible, each of us is surrounded by an energy body, which is called the aura.

This energy body (which consists of several layers, each layer of a certain colour) acts as a natural protective shell around us and prevents negative energy from the outside entering our body. Blocks in this energy body or aura directly affect our mental and physical well being. These blocks cause weak points in the aura through which negative energy can enter. They also hamper the absorption of positive energy or life force energy. Diseases manifest in the aura before they attack the body. The state of the aura determines how healthy or unhealthy we are.

Blocks in the aura are caused by various factors. Unhealthy thought patterns, negative emotions, inactive and overindulgent lifestyle patterns, addictions and trauma cause blocks in the aura slowing down the flow of energy resulting in disease; physical, emotional or mental. This is because it is the life force energy or ‘ki’ that is responsible for the state of our health. Any depletion of life force energy causes organs to malfunction.

What remedies it?

When a teacher attunes you, Reiki, the spiritually guided life force energy' starts healing at the root of the problem. The energy goes directly to the block causing the problem and starts clearing it so that ultimately the problem disappears. The amount of healing required depends on the intensity of the block. Deep set blocks, causing chronic diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, etc, would naturally require sustained healing over long periods while headaches, sprains etc, would generally require short periods of healing.

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