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The Process of Healing

The Attunement

The attunements are very precise and can be transmitted only by a Reiki master trained in the method of Dr. Mikao Usui; the founder of Reiki.

The attunement or initiation is given by means of an ancient Tibetan method; enabling the student to absorb and channel Reiki. This process opens up a purified channel in the body through which energy flows. The student now becomes a “channel”. The “channel” only has to place his/her hands gently on or slightly above the person in need of healing and Reiki flows automatically. When a Reiki practitioner starts healing, the energy enters through the crown chakra and flows down to the ‘hara’ or root chakra and during the process of healing the energy flows out through a small chakra in each palm. The Reiki practitioner does not get depleted of his/her own energy as energy required is drawn from the source through the purified channel. Attunements are a common factor in all three degrees of Reiki where students of each level receive higher levels of attunement. With each attunement the amount of energy channelled goes up. Without an attunement one cannot be a Reiki channel.

On completing the second degree one can also do distant healing, ie, Reiki can be sent to anyone, anywhere. Very often, a group of second degree Reiki healers get together to do group healing. The level of energy channelled in such cases is much more. There are voluntary organisations on the internet, like the D.H.N. ( DISTANCE HEALING NETWORK) which have groups of healers sending healing to persons who send in requests through the net. Reiki healers can join them as volunteers.

Reiki Healing - How It Works

The entire physical world is surrounded and permeated by an energy field called Aura. The funnels that open from the physical body to the aura are called the chakras.

For the healthy functioning of our body, mind and soul directly depends on the chakras. A healthy energy network is necessary for optimum health. When a master starts healing with Reiki all the chakras begin to get cleared of blocks. They also become balanced so that none of them are over active in relation to the others. In a Reiki class one will be taught to give Reiki at all the chakra positions by placing one’s hands on them. It is important for all the chakras to be healthy as they are all connected through energy meridians or ‘nadis’. The nadis are responsible for circulating energy in the body just as the circulatory system distributes blood.

With Reiki healing the problem starts getting solved at the root. Healing takes place at all levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. This is why Reiki is called holistic. The word originates from the Greek ‘Holos’ which means ‘The whole’. For maximum benefit one should practice Reiki every day, covering all the chakras. It has to become a way of life. Reiki will flow through us and guide us in whatever we do. And since Reiki is always ‘on call’ all we have to do is think of it for our life to be filled with this wonderful energy. Amazing changes take place in our attitudes and the way we view life. Things fall into perspective and we start being positive so that life gives us more to be positive about. We are able to deal with challenging situations without getting bogged down.

The photographs given below show the energy emanating from the finger tips before and after a Reiki healing session. Gary Phipps is a Reiki Master who is experimenting a lot with the Kirlian camera and working on it’s development. Refer his website: The Way of The Wolf: http://pages.prodigy.net/rkmstr/wolf.htm.

Photo before a Reiki healing section.

Photo after a Reiki healing section. Notice the stronger and balanced area.

Benefits Of Reiki

Reiki Healing benefits a person on many planes. Miracles are not unusual. Usually Reiki healing can:

  • Support the body’s natural ability to heal itself.
  • Clear the body of toxins thus encouraging natural cleansing.
  • Promote healing by balancing the chakras.
  • Support and enhances other healing systems and reduces side effects.
  • Provide complete relaxation.
  • Relieve pain.
  • Increase creativity.
  • Establish mental equilibrium and emotional balance.
  • Bring about spiritual upliftment.

The Five Principles of Reiki

To receive healing what does one have to do? Live life responsibly. To inculcate a sense of responsibility towards one’s life and to live in the ‘attitude of gratitude’ Dr. Usui, the founder, formulated the five Reiki principles. They are:


The principles are self-explanatory and do not need to be elaborated upon. It is important for the reiki healer/master also to follow these principles.

Three levels of Learning

Reiki training is divided into three degrees. In each degree attunements are given which progressively increase the amount of energy being channeled. Each degree also deals with a different aspect of Reiki.

  • The First Degree
  • The Second Degree
  • The Third Degree

The First Degree

The first-degree class usually comprises of two half-day sessions or one full day. In the first degree the student will be given an introduction to Reiki,the first-degree attunement and explanation about how to heal. All the positions to be covered are explained in detail and hands-on training is given. With the first degree one will be able to heal by placing one’s hands on or a few inches above the body. At the end of the class a first-degree certificate is awarded. Most teachers provide a manual.

The Second Degree

The second degree also comprises of two half days or one full day session. The second-degree attunement is given. Three symbols are taught. With the help of these symbols Reiki can be sent through time and space. This is also called distant healing. People anywhere can be healed , space is no longer a barrier. Neither is time, because Reiki can be sent to the future and to the past. Intentions can be given energy to help in manifestation. Additional methods of healing are explained. The second-degree manual is given and the degree awarded. Many healers use Reiki to send healing to our planet.

The Third Degree

The third degree is generally divided into two parts—3-A and3-B.

3-A is the master healers’ course. It is also called A.R.T. or Advanced Reiki Training. This course is done by those who want to do a higher level of healing but are not interested in teaching. An additional symbol is taught. The master healers’ attunement is given.

The 3.A certificate is given and also a manual. Instruction is given on how to make a crystal grid. This grid is used in manifestation and healing.

Master’s Degree

The 3-B degree is the master’s degree for those who are drawn to teaching Reiki. The master symbol is taught and training is given in doing attunements. The master’s certificate is awarded and a manual is given.

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