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Online Consultation


Thank you for your timely, appropriate and erudite reply.
Convey my thanks to the concerned doctor.
Keep it up!

13 April 2003


I had posted an online consultation yesterday. And I received a prompt reply. Thank you very much for the same, for the promptness and the time taken to give the reply. Kindly thank the medical team on my behalf

14 May 2003


Dear Sir/ Madam,

Thanks for your detailed reply. As per your advice let me consult a doctor to find out the cause for the (problem). Thank you once again for your service. May the Almighty bless you.

06 May 2003

Thank You

Thank you so much for this service. I am in desperate need of advice since three different orthopedic doctors have been unable to diagnose my problem. I am very grateful that this help exists.

Stanley Niemiec

Parasmus, USA
16 Mar 2003

Thanks for your valuable information

Muscat, Oman
3 May 2003

Thanks lot to the web team, for the doctor’s suggestions on diet and weight reduction. I am proud of this site.

Bangalore, India.
4 May 2003

Thank you very much for your assistance.

Tony Brown
18 Apr 2003


I really appreciate the great efforts you people have taken to relieve the pain and misery of the society. It is amazing to note that in the present system of our society where people and most professionals have become more selfish, greedy and mean you are imparting such a valuable and wealth of information free of charge.
I have found your explanations balanced, reasoned, convincing and meaningful.
Thank you for such a noble idea. May god bless you.

Ajay M Sharma
Mumbai, India
11 May 2003


It’s really heartening to find your mail. Dear doctor, thank you very much for your prompt and very easily understandable response.
Will contact you if any more details are required.

Thanks once again.
Purohit 8 April 2003

Good Website

Thanks a lot to the developers and promoters of the site who have done a great job. The information you are providing is really so helpful and resourceful.

Visakhapatnam, India
7 May 2003


I wish to record my appreciation for the efforts taken on this front.
This is a very informative site. Keep up the commendable job.

Muthiah Chockalingam
Bangalore, India
30 December 2002


Thanks a lot for the article. It’s a good way to spread knowledge.
Thanks a lot to MSN also.

Bangalore, India
12 February 2003


Nice articles. Very informative.

Dipan Shah,
Mumbai, India
15 May 2003


The website is very useful for me, I learnt a lot.

Morrisville, USA
12 Mar 2003


Its a very helpful and brilliant site

Bangalore, India
28 Feb 2003


It is nice to see such an informative Page. I rate it one of the best.

Sudeep Dalal
Ujjain, India
24 Mar 2003


Very useful, beautifully presented.

S Basu,
Kolkata, India.
14 Apr 2003


Your web site is very good. I really thank you for this web page

Preethi Reddy
14 May 2003

Health Information

Sexual Medicine

I read the article on sexual problems & want to congratulate you on an excellent effort. Sex is a repressed subject in India and no one really wants to talk about it but in clinical practice, it is also one of the major issues. I think many people both young & adults will have a lot of their confusions sorted out now. And maybe will feel free to discuss any problems they may be facing.

Dr.Usha Kathyayani
Mangalore, India,
23 April 2003


I have gone through the full and detailed explanation regarding sex in webhealthcentre. It has been explained in a very good and detailed manner. Explanations on some sexual problems, however, are not available.



I highly appreciate the efforts in getting the information on cancer, translating into layman's language and putting them on the website. Your website is indeed very informative and an excellent effort to create awareness against cancer.

Philadelphia, USA
16 May 2003


Even though I've been practicing Yoga for years I learnt a lot about the origin of Yoga from your website.

I appreciate this.
Toronto, Canada,
7 April 2003


I was looking for the pictures of the different mudras. found it here. Thanx! Good site. Informative

Sreedevi,Chennai, India
18 Mar 2003

Health and Beauty Tips

We are regular readers of health tips found on www.msn.co.in website.

We are thankful to webhealthcentre for providing useful tips. They are very useful for stress management in the present, day to day life.

Bharani & Madhavi


I liked your beauty tips. I tried some of it. It made changes in my life. Thanks for your useful tips.

Shiji Bhaskaran
Mumbai, India,
3 May 2003


Good Article about Reiki.

RK Marar,
Mumbai, India
12 May 2003


Add Homeopathy
Fabulous site. Very informative and reader friendly. Though very disappointed that your alternative medicine site has no info on Homoeopathy.

Dr. Sonal R. Hattangdi-Haridas
28 April 2003

Liver Cancer Info, please

Well, altogether the site is okay, but it does not have information regarding all diseases. The Cancer Corner does not contain information related to Liver Cancer. If you can please try and add this information to the site then it will be very good.

Pune, India
5 March 2003

We need more than eight lines

I must say, this is one of the unique services I have seen, which if promoted properly will help medical world in great way.
But I wanted to point out one issue
In online consultation forms, the text boxes allow only 8 lines of text which is not enough.

Milton Keynes, UK
29 Apr 2003

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