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Health Lounge

How do I join chat?

Health Lounge, our open chat facility, is open to all webhealthcentre users round the clock.

Choose a nickname:

Use a nickname to log in. The nickname should have between two and ten characters. You can use letters or numbers, but no special characters will be accepted. Do not use the word doctor as your nickname.

Type in your message:

Once you enter the nickname and press the enter key, the chat screen appears. A text box appears at the bottom of the screen. Type in your message. Your message should not be more than 255 characters. Click the chat button. Your message appears on the chat window along with other messages. You have begun to chat!

How do I participate in a specialist chat?

Take note of the schedule

Use the home page link to see when specialist chats are being held. All timings on the schedule are Indian Standard Time (IST, 5:30 hours ahead of GMT).

You may send in questions in advance

You may send in your questions regarding the speciality in advance to chat@webhealthcenter.com. But these will be answered only when you arrive at the chat room.

Log in on schedule

Though we have not limited the number of participants in the chat room, log in at scheduled time. Otherwise your question may have to wait its turn in a queue.

Please keep your question to the speciality on the schedule

Each week we shall be bringing in a medical expert from a different speciality. If the chat is with a paediatrician, ask questions only on this subject. If you need to ask a question about medical problem of another speciality, use our online consultation service.

Is there any software requirement to enable participation?

Webhealthcentre.com uses an HTML client for chat. This can be used in all browsers. You do not have to install any special browser or software for chat on webhealthcentre.com.

If I have a problem?

If you have any problem regarding chat, kindly send e-mail to chat@webhealthcenter.com for help.

Report misuse of chat

If you feel some one is using obscene language or is trying to disrupt chat proceedings report this to chat@webhealthcenter.com.

Chat Rules

  • Users are not permitted to send messages which are in any way defamatory.
  • Users are not permitted to misinform chatmates with medical information outside accepted medical practice.
  • Users are not permitted to use obscenities or harass chatmates.
  • Users may not advertise or use the chat room for commercial activity.
  • Users should not append messages with HTML tags.
  • Webhealthcentre reserves the right to remove from the chat room anyone who is abusive or disrupts chat proceedings.

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