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Lose weight with water

22nd April was Earth Day and the theme was Water for Life.

Apart from sustaining life, water also does other surprising things. One of these is to help you lose weight.

Here are five reasons how water can contribute to cutting excess weight. Water:

  • Reduces chances of over eating: If you drink the recommended 1.5 – 2 litres of water and you are also having juices, fruit and salad vegetables ( which are rich in water content), you won’t overeat.

  • Helps fat metabolise more efficiently. Kidneys need a good supply of water to function efficiently. Otherwise they will need the help of the liver, whose main function is to metabolise fat. If the liver has to help with the kidneys’ work, then it cannot optimise its own function: to metabolise fat. Water keeps the kidneys and the liver functioning efficiently.

  • Prevents the body getting fooled and fat: The human body can balance the water available to a certain extent. When water intake is not sufficient, it stores the water between the cells and makes you look bloated.

  • Keeps out the caffeine/sugars: If you are drinking enough water you will be consuming less of sugared drinks and again, giving you less chance of putting on the extra pound.

  • Gives a psychological advantage: You will be healthier. Water helps the skin feel more elastic. It looks fresh and healthy. Natural good looks and health make for a more positive attitude, which takes your mind away from binge eating and drinking which can often be the reason for excess weight gain.

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