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Quiz on Preventable vision loss

Blindness can be caused by various factors. Some types of blindness cannot be prevented. Many types of vision loss however can be prevented, if diagnosed early or if preventive measures are taken. In some cases even if the damage cannot be reversed, it can be arrested and further loss of vision can be stopped.

Nutritious food, basic hygiene and simple safeguards can reduce the risk of blindness in normal people.

The following quiz hopes to remind you of simple facts about preventable vision loss.

1.The deficiency of which vitamin causes night blindness/xerophthalmia?

Vitamin A
Vitamin B
Vitamin C
Vitamin D

2. The vitamin that is important for the eyes is found in:

Pulses and Cereals
Carrots and green vegetables
All of these

3. What is a lazy eye?

An eye that develops poor vision because it is not used
Drooping eyes

4. Glaucoma, which is a build up of fluid in the eye creating pressure, often starts slowly, exhibiting no symptoms at all until it has caused serious, irreversible damage. Even if detected, blindness cannot be prevented.


5.What is the best way to deal with a foreign body in the eye?

Get medical help
Flush it out with warm water
Apply ice pack
Apply ointment

6. Ten percent of all eye injuries happen to children under five. The best safety measure to adopt is:

Keep sharp objects out of reach.
Don't buy bows and arrows or darts (sharp projectile toys)
Don't let them handle sparklers without supervision
All of these

7. Which of the following conditions can affect vision, if unchecked?


8. Computer Vision Syndrome results from a strain on the eyes. To minimise strain on the computer user, the monitor should be:

At eye level
Above eye level
Below eye level
The position really does not matter

9. The macula, or the light sensitive tissue in the eye, degenerates with age. The condition can, however, be cured.


10. To prevent loss of vision due to various causes, eye check up is necessary every

3 Years
5 Years
10 Years

Knowledge Graph

(The percentage of blue indicates the number of correct answers to the total number of attempts)


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