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Healthy Living

Workouts at home

Those who cannot find time to be fit, will soon find time to be ill, goes the saying. Twenty minutes each day is all that fitness experts ask of a normal healthy individual for fitness activity. Incorporate this with a normal workday schedule. Exercise while watching TV, hearing the news or music or waiting for the cooker to whistle. Make it something you do with the children.

Exercises that can be done at home


  • Skipping
  • On the spot jogging
  • Stair climbing

Strength Training

See Strength Building. These exercises can be done at home.

You can also exercise with weights. The simplest will be to fill two half-litre water bottles and hold each in a hand and try each of the following in two sets of 10 –12 repetitions :

  • Raising arms overhead and back to position
  • Arms raised in front, to shoulder level, and back to position
  • Arms raised to the side, to shoulder level and back.
  • Arm curl
  • Tri-extension.
  • Flies (raising arms sidewise overhead in one count, as if flying, and back to position.)


All exercises under heading Stretching Activities can be done at home.


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