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Vaccination Recommended for Special Occupations and Lifestyles

The thirty something generation in India has received the most important vaccines required for our environment. People in age groups lower than thirty have been progressively better protected. Still, it would be wise to check out the following table to see if you have been protected from diseases you may be susceptible to if you are in the specified occupations.

Occupation Vaccination advised
Hospital Worker, Laboratory Worker and Other Health-Care Personnel Hepatitis B, Influenza, Measles, Rubella, Mumps, Polio
Public-Safety Personnel Hepatitis B, Influenza
Staff of Institutions for the Mentally Disabled Hepatitis B
Veterinarians and Animal Handlers Rabies, Plague
People who work with animal hides, furs, wool, animal, hair, bristles Anthrax


Hepatitis B vaccination is recommended if you are a:

  • Homosexual Male
  • Injecting Drug User
  • Heterosexual person with multiple sexual partners or have recently acquired a sexually transmitted disease
  • Household Contact of HBV Carriers

Travellers are advised to check with the consulates of the countries on the itinerary for advice on vaccinations required as a safety measure while visiting. For instance, in India you don’t need vaccination for Yellow Fever. But in Africa you may.

When there are specific outbreaks of diseases like plague or cholera, susceptible groups may require specific immunization.


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