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Lipid Profile

Lipid Profile - Normal Values

Test Normal Values
Serum Cholesterol American Heart Association recommendation Normal upto 200 mgs/dl
Borderline Upto 239 mgs/dl
Elevated if > 240 mgs/ dl. on repeated values
Serum Triglycerides <180 mgs/dl. normal. Values vary depending on diet, alcohol, metabolic state, exercise etc. Elevation of values to be considered only if repeated values are high.
HDL Cholesterol 30-60 mgs/dl
LDL Cholesterol 100-190 mgs/dl Borderline
>190 mgs/dl Risk
Formula for calculating LDL Cholesterol is INVALID if TGL> 400 mgs/dl
Total/HDL ratio <4 Normal
4-6 Low Risk
> 6 High Risk


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