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Sexual Medicine

Sexual Medicine is a discipline of medicine that deals with sexual problems - physical as well as psychological. It is now established that sexual health is an integral part of general health.

Sexual medicine has four dimensions: the promotional dimension (increases awareness and helps individuals have a healthy and fulfilling sex life); the preventive dimension (counselling); the curative dimension (clinical treatment of specific sexual disorders) and the rehabilitative dimension (helps patients regain sexual health).

  • Puberty: Onset of Sexual Awareness     
  • What happens during sexual intercourse     
  • Childhood and Sexual Evolution     
  • Sex and the Adolescent     
  • Sex and the Adult     
  • Sex and the Elderly     
  • Menopause     
  • Sexual Problems     
  • Sexual Therapy     
  • Sexual Deviations     
  • Homosexuality     
  • Contraception and Family Planning     
  • Infertility     
  • Gender Determination     
  • Gender Identity     
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases     
  • Herpes     
  • Masturbation     
  • Nocturnal Emissions     
  • Circumcision: Facts and Myths     
  • Hymen and Virginity     
  • Pornography     
  • Marital Therapy     
  • Sexual Myths     

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    Dr. D. Narayana Reddy F.I.C., F.A.C.S., A.A.S.E.C.T., PhD


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