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Masturbation generally means the stimulation of the sex organs to obtain pleasure. Boys as well as girls indulge in it. The term masturbation is derived from the Latin word masturbari, which means, “to populate oneself”

Perhaps no other act of sex has been associated with as many myths and misconceptions as masturbation. The act of masturbation creates an inferiority complex, a feeling of guilt and sin. Masturbation does not cause any damage to the nervous system.

Masturbation is a perfectly normal act. Even small babies handle their own genitals. This is simply a part of the normal process by which they explore and learn about their own bodies. Although the sensation is pleasurable, it cannot be called sexual at this stage.

Masturbation may be regarded as a sort of imitation of real intercourse. The big and real difference is that it is entirely self-centred, while real love-making is very much a shared experience, a means of expressing mutual love and a giving as well as taking of pleasure and emotional satisfaction.

Some Myths about Masturbation.

The following are some wrong opinions people have about masturbation:

  • Only the young, the immature and the unmarried practice masturbation
  • Only men practice it.
  • It leads to weakness, insanity, impotence, homosexuality and dark circles around the eyes.
  • People who masturbate are not sexually normal.
  • Frequent masturbation can lead to sexual inadequacy.
  • Regular masturbation will lead to shrinkage of the penis.

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