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Sexual Therapy

Some patients believe medication will solve their problems. Problems can be caused by physical factors, but their incidence is usually negligible, that is, less than 15-20%.

If the problem is caused by the physical condition, then the treatment should be directed towards curing or controlling the physical factor. For example, Hormone Replacement Therapy is carried out for hormone deficiency or Surgical Correction is carried out if there is an obstruction in blood flow to the genitals. It is important to remember that there is no wonder drug that can be used for all sexual problems with an organic origin.

When the problem is due to psychological or emotional causes like performance anxiety, fear of failure, guilt, poor self-esteem, poor interpersonal communication, sexual ignorance etc., then the treatment of choice will be sex therapy.

In sex therapy, certain specific structured sexual tasks will be administered to the couple at the therapist’s office. After a thorough understanding of these, the couple will go back and perform these tasks in the privacy of its home. While performing these tasks, it loses inhibitions, which previously affected sexual response. This helps it cope with earlier anxieties and facilitates a normal sexual response. The entire therapeutic process may require five to ten visits to the doctor’s office.

It is important to remember that in sex therapy, the individual partner is not considered to be the sufferer. Instead, it is the marital unit that suffers. There is nothing called an uninvolved partner where sexual problems exist. Hence the participation of both spouses is of paramount importance if the sexual problem is to be resolved successfully.

In certain cases, where marital problems and deep-rooted psychological problems cause and exist with the sexual problems, it will be necessary to undergo marital therapy and psychotherapy, along with sex therapy. In such cases, a conjoint therapy is required.

People with sexual problems can best help themselves, if they have an open mind and allow the doctor to decide upon the most suitable method of treatment for them. Those who approach the doctor, with a preconceived notion, that medicines are the only answer, will achieve very little.


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